Kid 72 Hour Kits

During an emergency, kids will most likely become frightened, and depending on the circumstances, possibly traumatized. The thought of that literally breaks my heart! I want my kids to feel safe and calm knowing that regardless of the emergency, everything will work out! When making a 72 Hour Kit for Kids, it’s important to first provide for their basic needs and also specific needs that might just pertain to them. Do they wear diapers? Do they have a favorite blanket? If so buy 2 so you can put one in their kit. Do they take medication? What are their individual needs?

Kid 72 hour kit

Fun Treats & Small Toys:

This can include but not limited too:

Fruit snacks, gum, suckers, applesauce, freeze dried fruit, mini snack packs (oreos, animal crackers etc.) Water bottles or 100% juice boxes.

Blankets, small mini pillows, a stuffed animal or small mini figures that they like; (Dinosaurs, animals, army guys) coloring books and small pack of crayons (the dollar store has some great coloring books), container of play-dough, (it’s a great stress relief), Mini photo albums you can also get those at the dollar store and insert some fun family pictures. Card games like go fish, story cubes, these are my kids FAVORITE you can get them HERE , a small first aide kit just for them.

All of these items whichever you choose or all, can easily fit into a backpack for your kids. The purpose of these are to make them feel comfortable in an emergency and have a little fun.  The parent packs will have the more important and essential items.

*NOTE: I am in NO WAY an expert, this is just what I came up for my family after studying a lot of information.  There is SO MUCH that you can have in your packs, it can be overwhelming.  Just start somewhere and get the basics, you can always add to it.  Also, this is just the KIDS pack, our parent packs contain more supplies.

Also, I don’t care HOW OLD your kids are, baby wipes are ALWAYS a necessity in an emergency! (:

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