Easy Meal Planning

Easy meal planning

As a Mom of little ones I love my easy meal planning system. This is my favorite way to plan our food for the month. I color code every day for our breakfast, morning snack, lunch, afternoon snack and, dinner. This helps me save money every month on our food spending which is a big bonus. If you plan you never have to have the dreaded “Whats for Dinner” etc.. talk.

I  love the BLUE SKY  calendars to plan because there is enough space and the calendars have nice lines, they are spiral bound plus they are cute. You can hang them up too. CLICK HERE TO BUY. I love sharpie ultra fine markers to write everything down. I love lists and something about just writing stuff down makes me happy. CLICK HERE to buy markers.



I start off with brainstorming ideas I want for the month on regular notebook paper. I make columns with Breakfast/snacks/lunch/dinner.

  • Browse cookbooks and Pinterest for meal time inspiration.
  • Keep a Legend at the bottom of the calendar to know what each color stands for each day.
  • Then I plan out each month.(I try to plan for at least 2 months at a time) We allow for eating out 2 times a month. The rest of the time we try to keep to the plan and eat home as a family.

When we plan out our meals it really does save A TON OF MONEY! I will be having a post about my time saving tips and tricks on how I plan and prepare all of our snacks for the month as well. Enjoy!

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