Yard Sale Clothes Racks

I have a Yard Sale every Summer. I got tired of stringing rope on my garage to hang up clothes and using my husbands ladders. This year I wanted him to build me something for all my clothes I will be selling. I can’t stand it when you go to a yard sale and they just have all the clothes in big piles on the ground. No one likes having to dig through clothes. (I am guilty of this as well)  BUT NO MORE! My awesome hubby made me these yard sale clothes racks and I can’t WAIT to use them. As usual my handy man didn’t disappoint. 😉

First he made the 2×4’s 5 feet tall and all the 4 base pieces are all 18 inches long they are also 2×4’s

He just screwed the base pieces on the bottom to make a leg base for support.




After both sides were made he drilled a hole in each post and he put a wood round rod through. I am having him make 3 of these 🙂 They are going to be easy to store as well. We will just take the rod out when we are not using them. I am so excited to have these!


TA DA!! Yes I love them!

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2 Responses to Yard Sale Clothes Racks

  1. Rubye says:

    Nice,I love them too,I’ve bought premise clothes racks and they are garbage,I wish I had the money to make these.I just had a yard sale on a Friday and only made about 30 bucks in this blazing hot Texas heat. Hopefully,ill be able to come up with some cash to make me some of these soon. Thanks for the info.

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