Valentines Day Dinner Idea

Love day! We love Valentines Day at our house. We like to celebrate with the whole family as well as a couple on Valentines Day. Each year we have a Valentines Day dinner with our whole family. I try to keep most of the stuff red, pink or white. This is what we did this year.



Appetizer- Bread with tomato paste sprinkled with garlic salt followed by goat cheese topped off with dill. Put under broiler for about 4 mins or until a little crispy and cheese is melted. It is so easy and simple but yet so delicious.

Side dishes-  Green salad with cucumbers cut out as hearts and cheese cut out as xo’s (CLICK HERE for cookie cutters I used) with a strawberry vinaigrette, strawberry banana jello.

Main dish- Spaghetti shaped on plates as a heart with sauce and sausage.

Drink- Raspberry Lemonade

Again this is something fun but it is simple as well and it makes for great memories each year with my kiddos. My kids also get a little chocolate Valentine we give them on their plates which they always look forward to.  You can do any version you like when it comes to this so have fun with it and enjoy ! 🙂

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