The Best Firewood Storage Idea

I LOVE how easy and good on the bank account this project was! So here is our firewood storage idea. It is a great solution on what to do with firewood. Depending on how much you have will depend on how big you would need to make this. We don’t use a ton of wood so this is how we built ours.
3 cinder blocks
2 4×4’s
2 2×4’s both cut in half
(if you use a lot more firewood then we do, I would get 6 cinder blocks, longer 4×4’s  and, not cut the 2 2×4’s in half, it will give you that extra height for more wood).
IMAG6033 IMAG6090
Now we will just cover it with a tarp once we get colder weather to keep all the wood dry. This only cost us barely $40.00 to make this project and you can whip it out in 5 mins or so. Enjoy 🙂


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