Front Porch Idea

I am going to be posting a bunch of cheap and easy ways to decorate your front porch for each month of the year. Here is my October one, start off by getting 2 potting pots (I spray painted mine white) I always have them look like this each month before I add in the holiday or theme items. Fill it half full of dirt and then add in any of your color choices for tree round ornaments, then add something for height I used some nice decor twigs and other natural items such as pine cones. Now that you have your base you can let your imagination go wild. The dollar store will be your best friend to achieve what I will share with you.

I have dollar store tomb stones and spiders that I added 
 If you have room to add any kind of smaller table on your porch decorate that too.
I hope you liked my October porch decorating ideas 🙂 

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