Granite Cleaner

This is by far my favorite homemade granite cleaner for my granite counters. I use this every day in my kitchen and bathrooms.  Granite, marble or stone surfaces do NOT do well with acidic (citrus-based) cleaners. The vinegar or citrus can actually cause what looks like “etching” on them.
Windex is another no go, it will quickly strip the “seal” off of your granite/stone. You are now left with two options, expensive over the counter products or make your own. When I make this I double the batch. I found my counters dried beautifully without any streaks, my counters were so shiny that you could see the reflection of items on my counter.
cleanerTA DA!!!


Look at that shine!!! I love this homemade cleaner so much nothing makes me happier then clean shiny counters 🙂 Plus it is a very budget friendly cleaner to make. Give it a try and tell me what you think 🙂
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