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We just moved into a new home a few months ago. I want to share with you all my transformations, room by room. I have a passion for decorating. I have always enjoyed it. So come with me on a decorating adventure in my new home and I hope it will give you some inspirations of your own 🙂
The first room I did was our Living Room.

before 1


My favorite things in the room…

* My table I got at a yard sale, it was just a light wood color all over. I spray painted it black and Turquoise it cost me a total of $20.00
* One of my favorite stores is Homegoods. I got all my decorations there.
bits and pieces

It is not all complete yet. My plan is to put a white mantel on the rock fireplace and pull up the carpet and put in dark hardwood floors. But for now this works great for me and I am very happy with how it all has turned out so far. Stay tuned for more of my Home Tour. Enjoy your day and remember to always smile!

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