Food Storage Baby Step #2


One of the biggest concerns when getting started with food storage is “WHERE DO I STORE ALL OF THIS FOOD?” This step is to decide on a place for your food storage. This is important because the reality is that most people won’t even start a project the size of food storage, until they have created a dedicated space for it.

 Clean out an area for your food storage, create a space that makes you get EXCITED. There are a wide variety of shelving options available. Frist, determine the amount of money you feel comfortable spending and consider what will suit your specific needs. Some shelving options are:

* Build Your Own- This is the most inexpensive option and offers the most flexibility, but can be time-intensive.
* Purchase inexpensive metal or plastic shelving- (i.e. from Walmart, Sams-Club etc..) This is a cheap and easy way to get started, shelves may not be as durable as wood or metal shelving. You will have to limit the weight more with these.
* Purchase higher quality metal shelves– Heavy duty hardware store shelves are more durable and there should be no problem with bowing or collapsing with heavy weights. Great for all the canned items.
* Invest in a deluxe can rotation system- This is the most expensive option, but is very convenient for easily rotating your canned goods.

Don’t forget to come back next week for Baby step #3.  🙂

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