Pregnancy Announcement Ideas

Here are some fun ideas that I came up with to announce this pregnancy. First of course is how I told the love of my life (my husband) they need to know first before anyone else, even though it is hard to keep it a secret because you are so excited.

Get a dry erase board (if you have one) or a big poster board and write a saying like what I did ” You are going to be a Daddy to baby #3.” Tape your pregnancy test(s) on it (yes I took two just to make sure) Then buy some baby items. I bought a bag of newborn diapers, nursing pads, bottle etc.. You get the idea. I also bought pink and blue chocolate cupcakes to celebrate.

How I told other people besides immediate family I posted a picture of my boys holding a newborn shirt and had each of their birth years on them with the babies on the shirt they were holding. I am glad it was a hit, a lot of people really liked this idea I came up with.

As far as a gender reveal, this is what I came up with. Get a white shirt. Have you kids have one hand painted pink and the other hand with blue paint on it. Take a picture before, while their hands are on your belly, then just your belly for the reveal color. Please share some of your ideas for all my readers 🙂

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