Must Try Lunch!

So some of you may think this sounds/looks gross but TRUST me it is heavenly! Here is my own version of the strawberry avocado open sandwich 🙂

2 pieces of bread with butter on both sides
1 ripe avocado smashed with salt and pepper
cut up strawberries to fill up both sides of the bread
drizzle of Balsamic vinegar
crumbled up goat cheese (this is my new favorite cheese for the past year, so delish)
put them in the oven on High Broil (watch them turn golden brown, it works fast and can burn easy)

Doing its thing under the Broiler 🙂
Once its done how you like, sprinkle some dill on top
and than drizzle it with a little bit of hidden valley ranch (its the best in my book) 
Something about it just makes you feel like you are eating at a high end restaurant….in my dreams haha. This is a very YUMMY snack or lunch that I think you should make and give it a try. Have a great day!
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