New Years Eve Party Pizza,YUM!

One of my favorite pizzas is Round Table’s BBQ chicken but, it is over $20.00 for a medium size pizza. So this is my version of my favorite BBQ chicken minus a couple of ingredients. The best part is everything I use to make it is FREE except for the pizza crust ( I do use pre made, my favorite is FRESCHETTA Artisan crust ) which is about $2.00 for a pack of 2.  So here is what I use:

2 different kinds of BBQ sauce (use your favorites)
1 can of crushed pineapple (make sure you drain it almost all dry)
1-2 cans of canned 100% white chicken breast
Green onions
and a little bit of Cotjia cheese (it is kinda of like feta, but better)

 put one BBQ sauce all over then drizzle the other one on top of that one, layer all the other ingredients

Sprinkle with both of the Cheese’s

Pick one of the BBQ sauces and drizzle on top of everything. Cook pizza crust how it says.
How easy was that!!! And each Pizza is only $1.00 with using my coupons 🙂 I dip mine in Ranch to top it off to being just perfect. ENJOY!!!!

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9 Responses to New Years Eve Party Pizza,YUM!

  1. Alicia says:

    That looks amazing!!

  2. KraftinMommy says:

    Omg! I need to try this! Looks very simple too. 🙂 hubby will love me even more (especially if I add bacon) visiting from weekend blog hop!

  3. Anonymous says:

    Hey Tawnya, I love checking your blog. I recognize a few recipes and copy a few new ones to try. You have such creative ideas. Your boys are blessed to have such an 'on the ball' mom. Good luck with the home schooling. That can be a really good thing. Happy New Year, Aunt Mari

  4. Thanks Aunt Mari for checking out my blog :)You are so sweet, thank you 🙂

  5. Yes he will love it, the Round table pizza does have bacon on it, YUM!

  6. Nothing can be more special than homemade pizza! Though it’s made of less ingredients, still, by the looks of it, I can say that it must taste very delicious! Anyway, thanks for your idea! I didn’t know that I can make a BBQ pizza without spending much!

  7. jyoti soni says:

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