Turn Glue Into Cheap Paint

Here is some fun way to make cheap glue paint for kids. Right now with all the sales on School supplies you can get a lot of things for almost nothing. A little while ago I got Elmer’s glue for .10 cents each. So I thought I could use some of my acrylic paints to put in the glue to make some paints for my boys. The best part is, that there isn’t a lot of mess involved. All they have to do it squeeze the glue bottle to draw pictures, no paint everywhere. Great right? So here is what I did to make this supper cheap paint.

 Get whatever colors you want to make and some white Elmer’s glue

You have to dump our some of the glue to make it easy to mix. I dump it about to the top of the triangle with the label “Elmer’s” in it.

 (You need to shake like crazy to get it mixed, get ready for an arm workout)


Finished now you have some fun, cheap paints for your kids. The fun part is when the paint dries it is raised a little. Your kids will love painting and drawing things with these. Don’t forget to follow my blog.
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6 Responses to Turn Glue Into Cheap Paint

  1. Ashley Woods says:

    This is just brilliant!

  2. Irish Carter says:

    Who knew? This is a super creative and cool idea. I am going to have my daughter do this. She loves to paint. = )

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