Frugal McDonalds Breakfast Bagels for .50 each

I love McDonalds Breakfast bagels with ham. I don’t buy them often and only certain McDonalds still carry them as a bagel. Most of them are just on a muffin. If I told you, you can make your very own for .50-.85 cents each instead of $2.99 each wouldn’t you want to make them? Consider the fact that I am a HUGE coupon shopper so in reality you can make them FOR FREE but, if you’re not a coupon shopper you can still make them for .50- .85 cents each which will save you lots of money. The best part is you can make a week’s worth in about 10 mins, great right?. I think so. All my husband has to do before work is pull one out of the freezer and microwave in a paper towel for 90 seconds. They will last for about a month in a freezer bag.

Now for the breakdown

Bagels- $1.49 (.49cents -Free with coupon)
Eggs- .67cents (Free with coupon or register rewards)
Ham- 4 packages .50 cents each (free with coupon)
Cheese-.72 cents (Free with coupon or register rewards)

 Heres what I use

I like to lay them all out on the counter and do each step to all of them at the same time.
I put 2 pieces of ham on each one because they are thin.

Layer them all together put in a freezer bag and its that simple, finished!!!
I get the extra-large eggs so it will cover the whole bagel. This one I didn’t break the yoke because we ate it fresh. But if you are freezing them make sure you break the yokes.
This time I made 12 of them and I spent $5.87 for all my supplies so that’s .48 cents each 🙂
On a side note, not like anyone would go get these at McDonlads every morning but, lets say if you did what it would cost before tax is $932.88 a year but, if you made these at home and had one every day during the week you would only spend  $149.76 a year!! Or $2.88 a week. Pretty awesome savings huh??
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