Bill Box

When free interent bill pay came around, I thought this is so great just input hit send and done!! Well more than once I have had a scheduled bill pay be late and I get stuck with a late fee when its really my bank not getting it out when they are supposed to. So I am back at the “Old School Way” of paying bills. I actually don’t mind it at all. I like to plan and that way I know it is all taken care of. So I came up with a Bill box. I have everything I need to take care of my bills in it. What you need to get one for yourself is:

*A cute bin or box that closes (you don’t want to have to see it all)
*Different color pens (I like to make things look cute, its more fun to pay bills that way)
*Bills (stubs)
*Check book
*Checkbook register
*Paper clips
*Candy (a must to get through bills lol)

Mine is pretty empty right now. ( I just got done paying all me bills but you get the idea) 
Now I will no longer get random late fees from my bank not sending them when they need to. I have it all tracked now 🙂
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