The Perfect Car Organizer

I love my Car Organizer. It is so convenient to have everything you need or might need right there, all in one place. Here is a list of things I keep in mine.

*A few diapers with some travel wipes
*Snacks for my kids (granola bars, fruit snacks, suckers)
*Water Bottle
*Chap Stick
*Pens, Highlighter
*Bank Deposit slips, Stamps
*A pair of Sunglasses for everyone in the family
*3 or 4 DVDs to play on our DVD players
*Chargers for cell phone, I pod, etc…
*Finger Nail clippers
*Pain relievers for us and the kids along with some cough drops
*Gum, Mints
*Brush, and comb
*Receipt storage pouch for all my receipts (The bag has pouches that come off with Velcro so its perfect for receipts)
*Immunization records for my Boys
*Daily Planner
*Small notebook
*Mini First aid kit

I am sure I am missing a couple of things but you get the idea. 🙂 You can get it HERE Have a great day, and have fun organizing!

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